Article I – Name The name of this organization shall be The Worthington Women’s Club.

Article II – Objectives The objectives of this Club shall be to promote friendship among members, to provide opportunities for organized interests and participation in social, intellectual and civic affairs of the Wor­thington community.

Article III – Officers The officers of this club shall be:  President, President Elect, First Vice President (Program Director), Assistant First Vice President (Assistant Program Director), Second Vice President (Hospitality Director), Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and three Directors, all of whom shall be Past Presidents.  These officers, together with the appointed Chairmen (see Bylaws, Article VII) shall constitute the Executive Board.

The Executive Board will serve in a fiduciary capacity for the Club. It will be the duty of the Executive Board to act in the best interest of the Club, and it shall be responsible for conducting matters of business and operations, both financial and otherwise, with the exception of the following which will require the approval of the membership: permanently expending funds from the reserve fund, merging or dissolving the Club, or any act that significantly impacts the long-term welfare of the WWC.

Article IV – Membership Membership in the Club shall be by invitation from a Worthington Women’s Club member in good standing. Membership shall not exceed 600.

Applicants for membership shall have attended as a guest at least one meeting within the twelve months preceding the date of application. Each application, bearing the signature of the applicant, must be signed by one sponsor who is a member of the Club.  The applicant shall be personally known by her. The written application and dues shall be submitted to the Membership Chair for recommendation by the Executive Board to the Club. 

Resignation from the Club shall be in writing or via phone conversation with the Club Treasurer or Membership Chair. 

A former member, who has resigned in good standing, may be reinstated, as vacancies occur, by vote of the Executive Board.

A Past President of The Worthington Women’s Club shall be made an Honorary Member 25 years after serving as President. Any Past President of The Worthington Women’s Club who is made an Honorary Member shall not be required to pay annual dues beginning the year immediately following receipt of her honor.

Article V – Elections At the January meeting, the President, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint a Nominating Committee of five members.  The Chair of the Nominating Committee is appointed by the President Elect and shall be a Past President of this Club. This committee shall present a list of nominees, one for each office, to be voted upon at the April meeting.  Nominations may be made from the floor, and if such nominations are made, the vote shall be taken by ballot.  A majority of those present and voting shall elect.

The official term of office shall be one year, beginning with the fiscal year July 1, and any officer having served two consecutive terms shall not be eligible for re-election to the same office the third consecutive year.  The elected Directors shall serve for two-year terms, one retiring each year.

The President, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall fill vacancies occurring during the year.

Article VI – Meetings The regular meeting of the Club shall be held on the fourth Tuesday of each month, from September thr­ough May, unless otherwise provided for by the Executive Board.  The Annual meeting shall be the May meeting, at which time the new officers shall be installed.

Newly installed officers and appointed board shall assume the duties of their office as of the joint board meeting held in June for the purpose of transitioning the Club from one year to the next and to allow board members to pass needed records from the former Executive Board to the new incoming Executive Board.  All officer and committee chairman reports are due at this meeting.

Special meetings of the Club, or of the Executive Board shall be called by the President.

Article VII – Duties of Officers Each officer shall discharge the usual duties pertaining to her office.

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and the Executive Board, She shall, subject to approval of the Executive Board, appoint the following organization chairmen:  Press Reporter, Membership, Historian, and any other chairmen or board members unable to serve the remainder of their term of office she may deem necessary for the administration of the Club.  The President shall appoint the Nominating Committee and the President Elect shall appoint a Past President to be Chairman of the Nominating Committee.  Should the President be unable to preside at a regular or board meeting, the President Elect shall preside at such meeting or meetings on behalf of the President.  Should both the President and President Elect be unable to preside over a meeting, a Past President shall preside over the meeting or meetings.

The President Elect shall be responsible for compiling and printing the year book.  She shall succeed to the Presidency.

The President Elect shall also appoint the Chairman of the Nominating Committee.

The First Vice Presidents (Program Directors) shall serve as Chairman of the Program Committee.  The Assistant First Vice President shall be an assistant to the First Vice President in the discharge of her duties and shall succeed to the First Vice President unless she declines this office.

The Second Vice President (Hospitality Director) shall coordinate the hospitality for each general meeting.

The Recording Secretary shall keep complete records of all proceedings of the Club and Executive Board meetings and report accordingly.

The Corresponding Secretary shall have charge of Corres­pondence for the Club and Executive Board.

The Treasurer shall be a bonded custodian of the funds of the Club, and receive and disburse them as directed by the Executive Board.  She shall report at the regular meetings.  Her books, accounts and statements shall end the year on June 30th. The Assistant Treasurer shall be an assistant to the Treasurer in the discharge of her duties and shall be governed by the same qualifications.  The Assistant Treasurer shall succeed to the Treasurer unless she declines this office.

The Directors shall be advisers to the Executive Board.  The immediate Past President shall serve as the Board’s representative to the interest groups. After serving as Past President, this officer shall serve as the First-Year Director and then the Second-Year Director.  The First-Year Director shall serve as Chairman of the Allocations Committee. The Second-Year Director shall serve as adviser to the Acquaintance Group.

Should a Director decline to serve, the Nominating Committee will present a nominee to replace this, Director.

Article VIII – Dues and Fees The annual dues for Active Members shall be $30.00, payable in September of each year.  An additional fee will be charged to pay for the mailing of the yearbooks.  Honorary Members who are living out of town shall have their yearbooks mailed at no cost. Members whose dues are unpaid by November 1 shall be notified by phone. Members whose dues are unpaid by December 1 shall receive a written notice. Members whose dues have not been received by the Treasurer by the January Board Meeting shall terminate membership in the Club and its Group Organizations.  A

member joining and paying dues after April 1 does not pay for the upcoming year.

Any Past President of The Worthington Women’s Club who is made an Honorary Member shall not be required to pay annual dues beginning the year immediately following receipt of her honor.

Article IX – Reserve Fund The Executive Board shall be empowered to establish a Reserve Fund and, with the approval of the Club, may authorize the Treasurer to place any excess monies therein.  The Executive Board may expend the monies from the Reserve Fund for purposes, projects or programs receiving the approval of the majority of those members present at the membership meeting in which said approval was requested.

Article X – Allocations  With the exception of donations made in lieu of speaker honorarium, all allocations shall be made to organizations, facilities, charities, programs, or other related entities benefiting the Worthington Area community.

Article XI – Group Organizations There shall be an Acquain­tance Group, to which all new members may belong for two years following their reception into the Wor­thington Women’s Club. The date ending the two-year membership is the year ending July 1 of the second year.

Other Group Organizations may be formed within the Club on petition of ten members and the approval of the Executive Board.   A member of any group must be in good standing in the Club.  The purpose of these groups shall be in accord with the objectives of the Club.  Each group shall meet its own expenses, unless otherwise provided for by the Executive Board, and shall be dissolved by the Executive Board for just cause.

Article XII – Parliamentary Procedure Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the authority on questions not covered by these Bylaws.

Article XIII – Amendments These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of those

members present and voting, provided the proposed amendment has been read at a previous regular meeting.

Should there be a major natural disaster, pandemic, local crisis or other event that prohibits the Club from having in-person meetings, upon the approval of the executive Board, a vote that includes general meeting participation, may be taken by any combination of electronic means and regular mail, provided that as many club members as possible receive notification of the issues to be voted upon.  There will be a deadline date issued and votes will be counted the day after the deadline.  To amend Bi-Laws, a 2/3 majority of those who return their vote must be obtained for the Bi-Laws to be amended.  For officer election, the vote of a majority of those who voted will determine the election.  Once the natural disaster, pandemic, local crisis or other event has ended, the Club will resume to making the above decisions at in-person meetings.

Article XIV – Dissolution Upon dissolution of Worthington Women’s Club all monies in the treasury shall be donated to The Worthington Historical Society.  All other assets, shall be donated to a charity of the Executive Board’s choice.