History Posters

1980’s – 50th Anniversary Cake with Marjorie Wellmerling

Ladies of the 1970’s

1940’s with Dru and Therese



All the above posters have been composed by Dru and Therese. Some years there was no significant material for a poster, but Dru still covered those years at the General Meeting with interesting tidbits of history. Attend by Zoom to hear.

More Historic Information

Past President Luanne Clevenger (1989-1990) has relocated to Annapolis, Maryland and has graciously donated a plaque created by her father, Clark E Loofbourrow, a former mayor of Worthington, when she (Luanne), felt the podium was too bland. Luanne’s mother, Julia, was also a Worthington Womens Club member. Click here to read a copy of Luanne’s letter, with more information, and a picture of the plaque.